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The cheapest holiday destinations in the world

the cheapest destinations to visit on vacation. These are the tourist destinations where basic expenses are very affordable. Vito Savoia

One site put together the list that many of us love to discover. It answers a frequently asked question by travelers on a budget: what are the cheapest destinations in the world? When organizing a trip, you have to take into account all the necessary aspects to spend as little as possible. In addition to thinking about flights and accommodation, you also have to take into account what you spend in your chosen destination. Well, Post Office Travel Money answers.

Cheapest destinations in the world

The company made a list of places where spending on commodities is most affordable. To carry it out, 48 tourist destinations were analyzed and products ranging from a bottle of water and sunscreen to a dinner for two with a bottle of wine were taken into account.

Although some sites on this list are places that could be considered “expensive” destinations, adjusting to the standard of living of those same sites is what makes them so accessible

Basically, what he did was investigate in which destinations tourists pay the least for meals, drinks, and other usual expenses on vacation.

A total of 48 European cities were analyzed and the Top Ten of the cheapest cities is mostly led by Eastern European cities. It takes into account how much it costs (on average) to spend a weekend, including meals and accommodation.

The Top Ten Cheapest Cities in Europe to Travel to are as follows (in pounds):

1. Vilnius, Lithuania · £147.35
2. Belgrade, Serbia · £151.57
3. Warsaw, Poland · £160.35
4. Istanbul, Turkey · £166.83
5. Bucharest, Romania · £167.74
6. Porto, Portugal · £172.60
7. Riga, Latvia · £178.60
8. Bratislava, Slovakia · £182.02
9. Moscow, Russia · £186.87
10. Prague, Czech Republic · £190.19

In addition to the European ranking, there is a world ranking. These are their recommendations if you want to have a good time and spend little:

10. Tokyo, Japan

“We advise tourists to make a list of destinations they want to visit and then look at the prices of food, drinks, and other tourist items before booking,” said Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money. Tokyo’s figures? About $75, approximately.

9. Paphos (Cyprus)

The archaeological park of Paphos is one of the main tourist attractions of the ninth cheapest destination, according to a study by the Post Office Travel Money. How much money does an average tourist spend on this Mediterranean island? $72.

8. Prague (Czech Republic)

Did you think Prague was an expensive destination? Apparently, it’s a great time to visit the capital of the Czech Republic. Flight and lodging expenses aside, Post Office Travel Money disclosed a $ 68-holiday outlay for common expenses.

7. Bali, Indonesia

The Post Office Travel Money barometer calculated the price in pounds of eight common holiday expenses, including dinner for two and sunscreen. In this way, Bali, with approximately 70 dollars spent by tourists during their trip, is the seventh cheapest destination.


6. Mombasa, Kenya

One place higher up is Kenya’s second largest city after Nairobi. The estimated cost for these common costs will be $63. The price of the safari would not be included in this calculation made by the aforementioned barometer.

5. Costa del Sol (Spain)

In the middle of the table is the so-called Costa del Sol, which covers more than 150 kilometers in the province of Malaga, and costs 58 dollars per person on vacation, where the possibilities are endless. Here you will find your own paradise, according to the Andalusian tourist office.

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4. Algarve (Portugal)

After comparing the prices of food, drinks, and other tourist items in the Algarve, the aforementioned Post Office Travel Money has concluded that it is another of the five cheapest destinations at the moment, with an approximate cost of 55 dollars per person.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

The second most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg ranks third on the list of cheapest destinations to travel to. In this sense, the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer has calculated an expense of 52 dollars per person.

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2. Marmaris (Turkey)

To the southwest of Turkey lies a major coastal city that can boast of having the largest port in the world. Marmaris, also known as Physkos, has taken home the silver medal with her $48 of common expenses during the holidays.

1. Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)

The cheapest vacation of 2019 is on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea, specifically in Sunny Beach, with 35 dollars. So if you’re looking for a low-cost beach destination, you’ll need to check out Bulgaria’s most famous eight-kilometre beach. The most important resorts are located there.

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