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20 Best Destinations in Europe Chosen by Travelers to Travel in 2024

Today we tell you about the ranking put together by travelers of the best cities to visit in Europe. Marbella was chosen as one of the best destinations in Europe for 2024.

This was determined by travelers from all over the world who participated in a survey that surveyed more than 500 tourist destinations. The Principality of Monaco; the archipelago of Malta; Geneva and Batumi are among the top five cities in the ranking.

Destinations in Europe by 2024

According to the European Best Destinations survey, Marbella is the top destination preferred by travelers in 2024.

1- Marbella

It is one of the best golf destinations in Europe and one of the best destinations for gourmets or shopaholics.

best destinations in Europe

It has three Michelin-starred restaurants serving fine cuisine, plus hundreds of smaller restaurants serving everything from Mediterranean and Thai food to paella and succulent local tapas.

2- Principality of Monaco

In second place is the Principality of Monaco. “This human-scale country reflects the perfect marriage of glamour, culture, and relaxation, and is renowned for its safety. Monaco is the second smallest state in the world (Vatican City State is the smallest country),” says the site in charge of the ranking.

Monte Carlo hosts a part of the Circuit de Monaco, where the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix takes place, usually on the last weekend of May, and one of the most important rounds of the World Rally Championship: the Rallye Monte-Carlo.

In addition, there is the Casino Monte Carlo, an ornate Belle Epoque centerpiece with its ostentatiousness, even by Monaco standards.


It is then followed by the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, the former fortress of the Grimaldi family.

3- Malta

In third place is the Republic of Malta. It is considered the best LGBTQ+ destination in Europe and number 1 on the Rainbow Europe map (it is a survey that evaluates what life is like for LGBTI people in all European countries) for seven consecutive years.

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4- Geneva, Switzerland

European Best Destinations tells us: “Nestled at the tip of Western Europe’s largest Alpine lake, the city is surrounded by stunning nature, with the towering Alps and the Jura Mountains as a backdrop. Rolling vineyards and fields envelop the city, dotted with picturesque villages, where the presence of nature manifests itself in every corner.”

Geneva is the European headquarters of the UN and the headquarters of the Red Cross. It is also called the “capital of peace”, combining a humanitarian tradition with a cosmopolitan air. He took 4th place.

5- Batumi, Adjara region, Georgia

The city of Batumi came fifth in the ranking. According to the European Best Destination, the city is located in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, the Adjara region. “With its avant-garde architecture, European-style squares, streets, world-brand hotels and cafes, the ancient city has become a cultural hub that often hosts major regional events, international artists, art exhibitions, and world sports championships,” he describes.

The 20 Best Destinations in Europe by 2024

  1. Marbella, Spain
  2. Monaco
  3. Malta
  4. Geneva, Switzerland
  5. Batumi, Georgia
  6. Riga, Latvia
  7. Madeira, Portugal
  8. Florence, Italy
  9. London, United Kingdom
  10. Reykjavik, Iceland
  11. Lège-Cap-Ferret, France
  12. Siena, Italy
  13. Ponza Island, Italy
  14. Porto Vecchio, Corsica, France
  15. Champagne Wine Region, France
  16. Faroe Islands
  17. Sirmione, Lombardy, Italy
  18. Piran, Slovenia
  19. Newquay, Cornwall
  20. Thassos, Greece

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